Easy Things To Do Everyday To Keep Your House Clean

We’ve regularly sought to help you (and we too at the same time) to optimize the storage of the house. In our opinion, this chore, not necessarily pleasant but necessary, must be as efficient and fast as possible. Because we want to enjoy something else, to spend good times with family and if possible in a clean house. Now that we have become experts in the matter, let us look further and above all more clever. And if, for a clean interior, the easiest was not to disturb it? Here are some useful tips to keep your home as if it had just been cleaned.

Wash your hands regularly

As a hygiene measure, we wash our hands several times a day and that is a good thing. For the inside of the house, it is also so because it avoids the contact of furniture and walls with dirty hands. This is obviously true for adults but also (especially) for children. By giving them the habit of washing their hands when entering the house but also after meals, one avoids many domestic catastrophes.

Never use the stairs empty-handed

In this case, we speak of a staircase but if you do not have one in your house, you can replace the sentence with “Never leave the living room empty handed”. The important thing is the part of the empty hands. The rule I learned with is ABC; Always Be Carrying. By establishing this rule, which has the advantage of being subtle, since the notion of household is skillfully put under control, you make sure that you do not have a living room too crowded with shoes, open books, toys or mail .

Unfortunately, it is necessary to yield to the call of the chore. To make it less painful, try a ludic approach by setting up a quick ten-minute-a-day household that concerns all residents of the house. It does not have to be a big operation, but if it can be used to keep the room desks without mess and to pick up three socks, you do not have to do without them.

Get one or more cleaning baskets

To properly make order inĀ  your home, you must start by storing your household equipment. If you already lose ten minutes to find your microfiber cloth, you will be tired before you even begin.

It is necessary to have an accessible place in which you will have all your products and utensils at your fingertips. For even easier, plan a small basket with all your equipment: when a chore must be like a window to wash, you will draw more quickly than your shadow.

Much of the dirt actually comes from the outside. The solution? Determine a space in your entrance to get rid of anything that can disturb or dirty your home. Start with two doormats, one on the outside and one on the inside. This space should also be the most practical for nothing to drag: plan a furniture for the shoes, hooks, a pocket-bag and a chest bench. The more convenient the compartment, the closer your interior will stay